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How does therapy help?

I offer open-ended talking therapy.


There is no magic in counselling. But there is a great deal of usefulness in being listened to properly and in being genuinely accepted as a unique human being that you are.


As a trained mental health professional I will unpick with you whatever subject you decide is important to your emotional wellbeing. Together we will break it down into component parts, analyse their significance and work out what role you want that particular subject to play in your future and how to get there.


For example, you might be feeling trapped. You may wish to break free and have a new beginning, try new things, have a future markedley different in a positive way from your present. How do you get there? My first question is likely to be, what does "there" look like? In vivid detail. Now that you have a compelling image of your desired outcome, let's reverse-engineer the process of achieving it, bearing in mind your existing resources.

Here are the key points about therapy with me:

  • It all starts with you. You choose what to explore. I will work with you on getting to the core of the issues. However, you are in charge of interpreting life events and how to act on that meaning


  • I am here to emotionally support you. I will do my best to provide a safe and comfortable psychological space. There is no judgement


  • Together we will visualise your desired reality and work towards an achievable version. The ultimate aim is for you to start living a fulfilling life comfortably as swiftly as possible


  • It is convenient. I am here for you both online and in person

Virtual appointments are available on weekday evenings and in-person sessions are on Sunday afternoons. Each session is 50 mins and the fee is £70 per appointment. 


Let's talk face-to-face

Prefer therapy in-person? No problem. I have a studio space in the centre of Beaconsfield HP9, which is private yet easy to find and get to. I would love to see you there.

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