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Take care of your concerns and start living the life you want

Therapeutic counselling for autistic adults

Whether you self-identify as autistic or have a clinical diagnosis, let me ask you...Does it feel like for a long time you were forcing yourself into moulds that didn't fit? Perhaps you still are?


What if you were to make peace with your differences because they are just that--differences, not deficiencies?


If you are ready to move on from autistic and struggling to brilliantly autistic, you are in the right place.


Are you wondering what autism means to you?

Do people seem to misunderstand you often?

Have you been an outsider for as long as you can remember? 

Smiling woman in armchair

My name is Lii

I am an autistic counsellor supporting autistic adults with navigating life.

I wholeheartedly believe in the neurodiversity-affirmative perspective, which defines autism as a cognitive difference and not a condition to be endured.


I help you to:

  • discover your genuine self

  • manage emotions

  • negotiate fulfilling relationships

  • thrive at work


My previous clients said they had found the sessions beneficial and walked away with renewed hope.​

Take a moment. Take a breath. Shall we talk?

Counselling delivered conveniently on weekday evenings online and on weekend afternoons in-person in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. 

What would you like your reality to feel like?

Autism is sadly still often seen as an impairment, as something to correct...Consider for a minute if you were to abandon the idea of your neurotype as a disorder. What if instead you embraced your uniqueness with all its strengths and, yes, some challenges too? 


It may be useful for you to be truly heard, to talk through how you want your life to be and what you can do about it.


You may wish to focus on:

Life can be great. You will make it so. Welcome to the best neurotype there is--yours! 

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